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Binary package information

Package amule-skin-tango
Version 2.3.1+svn-r10834-1testing1
Architecture all
Maintainer Werner Mahr (Vollstrecker) <>
Installed-Size246 B
Depends amule (>= 2.3.1+svn-r10834-1testing1)
Provides amule-skin
Priority optional
Section net
Filename pool/amule/a/amule/amule-skin-tango_2.3.1+svn-r10834-1testing1_all.deb
Size165.36 KB
SHA256 fe61a3f49ea4418708e107f034ed33c2f0cfb2e8d6c6230dfd9291bf9bb14930
SHA1 f7cf83adc009847f9f2dc010f5484eb2f00bd68e
MD5sum b541fbbaadc87e0fc142ac6476dd73e0
Description Tango Skin files for amule

This package contains the Tango Skin files for amule.
You have to enable skin support in options in order to use this one,
before you can select a skin.

List of files for this package