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Binary package information

Package amule-dbg
Version 2.3.1+svn-r10833-1testing1
Architecture i386
Maintainer Werner Mahr (Vollstrecker) <>
Installed-Size32.81 KB
Depends amule (= 2.3.1+svn-r10833-1testing1)
Priority extra
Section debug
Filename pool/amule/a/amule/amule-dbg_2.3.1+svn-r10833-1testing1_i386.deb
Size8.28 MB
SHA256 73816818a8bf841ac0d9661840f00944eafb0724a48e0f5b135f66ddc00d3378
SHA1 594c926a075bc18f17f8c54be3bc86c7473162a4
MD5sum 8eaf8e5e794a9de068bf447d15105f55
Description aNOTHER eMule P2P Client debugging symbols

this package contains the debugging symbols for the amule binary

List of files for this package